About Us

James Campiglia:


Started collecting bottles at age 10 due to the antique glass & bottles he would enjoy in his grandma’s house. His brother soon became interested as well and they joined the Las Vegas Antique Bottle Club. Soon they amassed extra bottles and sold at the Vegas club show for years. James was known for giving his speeches and showing off parts of his collection. (at that time mainly Nevada bottles). Reggie his partner in OuthousePatrol.com would supervise them when their parents couldn’t get away to take them on the club digs. Years later they met up again and are back on the trail digging and researching which is Reggie’s real passion. 

James moved to Bozeman, MT. and soon sought out the Montana Bottle Collectors Association where he was Vice President and Show Chairman. The clubs yearly show, the last week or April in now in conjunction with the Great Falls Gun Show, a popular event for Western collectors to gather.

Actively collecting bottles through shows, digs, yard sales, etc and amassing bottles in many colors and styles with a yearning for Western Blob sodas and rare colored Hostetter’s Stomach Bitters (his first bottle given to him by his grandma). Recently getting back into Western Whiskeys and Nevada bottles.

He is happy displaying his collections in the house and showing them off to friends that come visit.

As a kid it was rocks and lizards and just playing in the dirt. Now its digging deep for artifacts. Collecting casino chips is another passion and James has authored 4 books, “The Official U.S. Casino Chip Price Guide”. Many chips were found while traveling the small back roads and towns of Nevada looking for bottles, etc.

It’s the hunt that keeps a person going. That elusive bottle buried 100+ years ago in an outhouse or dump. And the stories that can be told of the trials and tribulations of finding and rescuing these artifacts from the hold of the Earth. Traveling to see other collections, showing off his collection, and teaching others as well as photography is part of his varied past time.



Reggie Shoeman:

Retired Navy veteran with background in historical research. Searches old town sites with high tech Electromagnetic imaging equipment.

This equipment, used in conjunction with aerial photos, old maps, and archival research, often leads us to bottles and other artifacts that were lost or tossed by our ancestors.

Reggie likes to cut deals with folks interested in our passion and a willingness to grant us permission to search for, and recover, artifacts on old their property. Properties such as ghost town, ranches, old mills, etc. in and around Montana, Nevada and other Western States are sought after.

Local treasure hunters dig up and sell loot they unearth in the most unusual places. – Click on a link below to read articles:

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